Scottish Lion Wrought Iron

Andy Leck has been practicing the ancient craft of the forge for three decades. He has honed his skills recreating traditional home accessories and solving practical problems with ingenuity for custom situations.  The metal artist built a practical knowledge and business creating traditional pieces. In the past a mainstay was exhibiting at high end craft fairs and shows with his wife, a talented weaver. The creative team was featured in national magazines.  Mature and skillful he is focusing his skills in new, often whimsical, directions.


Artist's Statement:

I awake early totally recharged, physically and mentally from yesterday's many hard tasks. I always remind myself how lucky, thankful and blessed I am to be able to do what I do. It never ceases to amaze me, how I can take this hot, hard and dirty work and turn it into a pleasurable pastime that I never tire of. From the creative element to the financial bonus, the work is its own reward. My advice, find something you can really love, and do it good no matter what anyone else may think. Be of service and true to yourself. Enjoy!

Andy Leck
30 year iron worker