Running Dog Studio

Steve Palmer of Running Dog Studio is an award-winning Michigan artist, using everyday items like crutches, screwdrivers, yardsticks, and tiny tins; the retired educator has handcrafted more than 400 multi-media fish since 2012. And is now proud to have proud of having 40 galleries carry his work, and we're thrilled to be one of them!

Crutches historically symbolize pain and healing. "The use of crutches for my fish represents what humans are doing to the oceans and the fish of the world. I hope people will see the connection between the use of things that might otherwise be discarded and the pollution of our waterways,” Palmer said. An annual percentage of the sales support environmental groups.

By using the recycled objects for the insides of the fish, he shines a spotlight on a better understanding of the harm we do by throwing usable things away.