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biophilia [bahy-oh-fil-ee-uh, -feel-yuh] noun
the inborn affinity human beings have for other life forms, love of living things and nature.

We all have a deep connection to our natural world. This is referred to as biophilia. I am a biophilic artist and designer.

As an artist, landscape designer, and interior decorator, it was only a natural transition to begin creating artwork with materials from nature.

Drawing inspiration from my love of all things from our earth, most of my “medium” comes directly from our natural environment. I combine a variety of naturally preserved mosses and other plant materials with cork, wood, shells, glass, and stone to create highly dimensional “looks like its living” artwork.

All of my work are one of a kind originals. I make my frames myself and my natural materials are all sustainably sourced.

My “green art” requires no watering or misting.
Hang it, Leave it, Love it! Simply MOSSOME!!!